Potassium Sensor & Nano Contrast Agents
Potassium Sensor
· The number of patients with chronic kidney disease continues to increase year-on-year.
· Causes of chronic kidney disease are caused by lack of early management and screening. Especially, these diseases lead to complications and may be exposed to higher risk, so it is necessary to monitor potassium concentration in the body regularly.
· Kidney disease patients are at greatest risk to life even if they deviate only slightly from normal potassium levels (3.5 - 5.3 mM) in the body.
· In KLbio Co., Ltd., we are developing portable potassium concentration self-meter that can measure blood potassium concentration in patient's urine and blood quickly and easily at home, and expect to significantly reduce the psychological and physical burden of patients with kidney disease.

Nano Contrast Agents for image Guided Surgery
· Cancer incidence is increasing worldwide, and tumor resection surgery is increasing.
· KLbio Co., Ltd. has developed a fluorescent nano contrast agent that enables specific tumor resection surgery by expressing fluorescence only in cancer cells.
· Nano-contrast agents specifically bind to human cancer lesions and can induce early detection of cancer as well as surgical resection using NIR fluorescence images during resection of cancer lesions.
· Nano contrast agent is local target injection rather than a vascular injection, so it is very easy to secure human safety and clinical applicability.
· A biomaterial capable of specifically attaching to cancer cells was used to enhance the specificity and establish a system that exhibits a high contrast agent effect.
· We hope cancer patients will continue their healthy life through tumor resection using nano contrast agents.